I am handcrafted to personify your image of style for perfection. With the ability to interpret your personal requirements for dynamism and innovation, MMSL combines its experience and tradition to produce the best for those who demand the best.



I am a result of special hands taking care of special bodies in a special way.

From the moment the designing and measurements are completed, special attention is given to me to reflect your self-image as per your ergonomics and lifestyle. MMSL not only aims to deliver what you imagine but also intends to satisfy your basic instinct of making your own style eternal.



Style is Yours. The possibilities and options are limitless as we provide full bespoke service where everything you imagine is brought to realization.

You can choose from various collars, cuffs, fabrics, buttons, placket styles, fittings etc. available in our program or provide your own unique designs to be hand-cut by our master tailors.



Your initials can be slowly hand stitched on any part of my body taking approximately 3 hours for an artisan.